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Calgary Church engages justice issues locally, nationally, and globally.

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Hero’s of a Different Kind

In the final instalment of our Values Series, we wrapped it all together with a story. Not just any story, but one where you’re the main protagonist. Of all the stories in the world you can fit them into 7 different plots: rags to riches, the quest, overcoming... read more

The New Year Begins – Advent Season 2016

Today is the first Sunday of Advent. Our community loosely follows the liturgical calendar in which the first Sunday of Advent marks the beginning of a new year. We don’t associate the lead up to Christmas as a time to reflect on new beginnings as we would for... read more

life on life – new discipleship for a new age

At CMC we have 4 values identify our church: Gather, Transform, Formation, and Beauty. God can’t use you. Rather, we are invited to participate in God’s unfolding hope and dream for creation. We are in fact adopted as sons and daughters into the redemptive... read more

Transform Place into Parish

At CMC we have 4 values identify our church: Gather, Transform, Formation, and Beauty. When my grandma went to church it was a different time. Churches assumed cultural privilege and most people were Christian, at least in name. Churches were scattered based on... read more

Beauty in Creation and Restoration

There are 4 values that make up the identity of Calgary Missional Church: Gather, Transform, Formation, and Beauty. Think of the last time you saw a breathtaking sunset, or the last time you were hiking in the mountains. It’s beautiful isn’t it? Beauty is... read more