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Rhythm me BELLS

One of the constant themes reflected in our community is love. Jesus demonstrably commanded his disciples to reflect love in all that they did. In fact, they were told they would be known (which applies to us today) as followers of Jesus by a measure of love. The... read more

The Best Now

As Lent ended and the Passion Week came to a close, here are two strong symbols to remember from Easter.  Good Friday is one of two definitive moments in the Christian faith. We cannot have eventual Easter Sunday without the death and burial of Good Friday. Jesus has... read more

Subversion and irony of Palm Sunday

Palm Sunday, the beginning of that fateful Passion week. Jesus is fulfilling a prophecy found in Zechariah 9:9. There’s a certain sense of irony, however, with how he’s approaching the entire event. The entire story is a preview of the very nature of... read more

Building Joy and Excitement

Your life, right now, what brings you excitement? It’s easy to slip into a routine where excitement escapes us and we settle, or we fail to celebrate things that are exciting moments and let them pass by. When we read about Jesus we notice that he was exciting... read more

Going to Church….Service

When you describe your Sunday morning plans have you ever respond with, “going to church?” Have you ever told your kid to get ready for “church”? At a gathering of church leaders, put on by The Parish Collective, one simple idea struck me. Most... read more