Our Story

Calgary Missional Church is a scattered gathered church of small groups that come together to serve our neighbourhoods, city, and beyond.

Calgary bursts with more inhabitants yet our sense of community and relationships seem to erode. We live closer together in our condos and houses, stand closer together on our buses and trains, and feel closer together through our technology and media.

Inside the skyscrapers and the classrooms busy people engage in a global dance connecting and disconnecting with the world. The purpose? Hit goals to achieve status, grasp power, achieve one more $ to our $$$.

Is this all that life has to offer?

Inside each and every one of us is a drive to chase certain things: connect into lasting community, find courage to fight for what is right, crave relationship, and yearn to be loved.

In 2008, Calgary Missional Church (CMC) started to live out characteristics to see a church networked across the city that chased love, justice, beauty, and hope in our neighborhoods.

Today we have the same dream as we seek to live like Jesus in the neighborhood, previewing heaven NOW in pursuit to right the wrongs in our city. Simply put, we love our neighborhoods and the people in them. As a church we act kind of like this….

If you want a more detailed explanation here’s a fantastic synopsis.

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