Easter Sunrise Hike at Nose Hill & Breakfast

Last Year a number of us got up, to take a liturgical hike  up Nose Hill Easter Morning.  We’re doing it again this year.

March 31st 5:30 AM at the Nose Hill 14th St. Parking Lot (map)

Hike is about 1.5km.  Wear hiking boots. We stop along the way to tell the story of Holy Week and to pray.  We finish with waiting for the sun to rise at 7:13.

After will head to The House for a potluck breakfast.

If you’re planing to join us, please email me: djking@gmail.com

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  1. A real neat hike if you’ve never been (still neat if you have).

    If you’re truly ambitious then stick around for our Easter Converge that kicks off at 11AM.