I’ve blogged about the anti-abortionists a few times before here: arrests in November (2008) , and this statement.

Well they’re back this Fall, kind of like the flu….but this time around I came to a sudden realization, but first, some sad tweets about the mockery:

The stupid Campus Pro Life display is entirely manned by guys this afternoon. Because guys are experts in the rights of women…

If you recall we said we’d respond in kind if they came back. We retracted that comment because the idea we had would’ve explicitly supported pro-choice groups. But some other groups did respond.

The best part about the pro-life display at #uofc? The other groups protesting, such as the “gay sex prevents 100% of abortions” So awesome!

The trick here for these other groups would be to stop making light of the situation, and to actually use the presence of the anti-abortionists to harm their cause. But that’s not an idea unique with me….

It dawned on me as students started sending me texts–the group hasn’t included much, if any, religious rhetoric in their spiel. With that in mind, and given the platform they’re based on: gruesome photos of fetuses, shaming, misuse/invalidating the term genocide, and the most important fear, it’s clear–the U of C anti-abortionists don’t represent any religion, only their pro-life group.

Admittedly the message is certainly rooted in a right-wing political and evangelical agenda, of which these protesters are connected with, but quite simply, the message they are using is completely UN-CHRISTIAN. That’s to say, their message is more about political and religious agendas than actual Christian ideals and perspectives.

Here’s how I know.

There are TWO great commands that Jesus proclaimed. 1) Love your God, 2) Love your buds/fellow human. Long story short Christ was about LOVE and justice in a way we can barely understand.

Then there’s this piece of scripture in 1 John 4:18 (scroll over to read).

How about that….perfect LOVE casts out fear.

Yet, the anti-abortionists use FEAR as their primary tool to incite responses.

Jesus Christ casts out fear, he’s the opposite. To use fear to promote a message is unequivocally opposed to Christ’s message.

And don’t get started on a ‘higher good’ argument. If you need to use fear to promote a heinous message for an even more heinous choice then you’ve failed as a communicator, but more importantly as a Christian. Jesus would certainly be fighting for the unborn, but he wouldn’t be cavalier about it, making light of genocide in the process.

With this in mind I can let out a *sigh* of relief that the ‘protesters’ have tunnel vision to their own pro-life cause, yet have zero relation to the faith I represent.