A handful of Calgary Transit buses now sport supposedly ‘witty’ remarks attacking religion. The ads have been cropping up in major cities worldwide and now Calgary gets to enter the debate. The ads certainly spark discussion but what are they trying to accomplish?

Are atheists trying to point out the futility of religion with remarks such as: “there probably is no God so stop worrying and enjoy your life“?

I don’t get it, although admittedly I’m on the ‘inside’ looking out. But since when is God the source of worry? Firstly, the vast majority of Canadians–something like over 90%–are in some way spiritual in nature. I suppose you can be atheist and spiritual, actually no, that would make you agnostic. Secondly, the notion of God and the community that exists on earth (many religions for that matter) tends to reduce worry not increase it.

Not only are the ads poking fun at the vast majority of Canadians, they are also incorrect if you stop for a moment to think about it.

There is an implicit assumption that life with god is somehow an additional burden. It would also mean indirectly that organized religion is also a burden to a person and subsequently society. This is ridiculous if you make some observations.

There is NO single organization other than the Christian church that does more for the community than any other group, club, etc.

We can poke fun at Christians all we want, but there is no other group that exists to serve the people outside of it more than the people inside. Even though churches probably do an average job of helping the poor, the oppressed, the marginalised in their communities, many do, and the summation of these efforts exceeds the combination of ‘secular’ organizations that exist to better humanity.

If we took the advice of the organization sponsoring the ads, Free Thought Assoc. (because we’re obviously (sarcasm) oppressed in Canada) and gave up our ‘fabricated’ god the world would be a messy and sad place. Even if you don’t believe in god, gods, God, you can’t deny that in our society and the majority of others, Christian organizations/communities do more for their neighbour than atheist groups.

Atheists also got it backwards. there probably is no God so stop worrying and enjoy your life….. People who stop to think about the God notion in their life WERE enjoying their life as measured in our modern capitalist terms yet STOPPED along the way because they realised they were headed nowhere but the grave. For some, God is brought into the equation as an answer to their worry.

Calgary bus ads

What do you think about the ads? Cheeky? Clever? Stupid? Offensive? Brilliant?