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Busyness seems to be a measurement of success. ‘More’ is attributed to success (when it’s work it’s usually connected to more money). Idleness is almost seen as a negative, idle hands get into trouble after all. That’s why our kids are full of extra curricular activities.

Sometimes our spiritual formation is measured in how busy we are. How many things we’re doing in church, how many groups we’re a part of or how often we attend.

What would it look like if we pursued deeper with the things we’re already doing rather than ‘more’.

Granted, some of us aren’t connected very well or are in fact idle–we could use direction. But for many of us the challenge is to go deeper, particularly with our relationships.

Think about the people and spaces we’re already connected. How can you go deeper?

How can you capture a profound level with the unfolding Kingdom of God? Are you on pursuit within community?

Ask Christ to reveal and grant you the moments and strength to go deeper in your place.