This is the first post beginning a five part blog series reflecting on ‘insatiable urges’ of humanity. Much like the  Maslow’s hierarchy of needs (the things we can’t live without), a similar list of ‘must haves’ was presented by author NT Wright in his book, “Simply Christian“. (He actually labeled them ‘echoes of a voice’.)

Inspired by Wright’s ideas, I thought it would be interesting to reflect on these ‘urges’ or ‘voices’ within a local context so that readers could connect with ideas closer to home.

In his list we don’t hear about things like for food and shelter, but rather we discover more of what we kinda know about ourselves, that we have other innate cravings and longings that contribute to the foundation of our being. These elements are:

1. the quest for Spirituality;

2. the hunger for Relationships;

3. the longing for Justice;

4. the delight in Beauty.

The interesting component that I find with all four is that they aren’t inherently a religious order of things. You don’t have to go to church or be connected in some sort of faith to crave any or all four of these elements.

So look out in the coming weeks for a post about each ‘voice of humanity’.