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Palm Sunday, the beginning of that fateful Passion week. Jesus is fulfilling a prophecy found in Zechariah 9:9. There’s a certain sense of irony, however, with how he’s approaching the entire event. The entire story is a preview of the very nature of Jesus–a saviour glimpsing a new direction by subverting the existing system. Take for example his ‘triumphant’ entry into the city of Jerusalem (Matthew 21). I would surmise people watching the event unfold would’ve found it a bit of place. They probably were cheering but looking over their shoulder wondering, “is this for real?” at the same time. The procession was carefully crafted, whimsical, ironic, laughable, and profound all at the same time.

Two Parades. The Lie of Sacred Violence

There’s something prolific about Palm Sunday. It connects with the broader unfolding narrative of the Passion, and the entire Biblical narrative of restoration, by offering us a careful glimpse of who Jesus, Son of God, is and is all about.