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During our last gathering our community faced a test. We were in the midst of a theme about righteousness and mercy (pulled from Matthew 5:6-7). It was very fitting cause little did we know we we’re going to practice that day what were literally preaching.

That morning our community, albeit small on this particular hot Summer day, faced a bit of adversity before service began–the shop where we gather was broken into.

Thieves broke through the front door, went straight for the cash, and made way with the entire contents of the safe (security and safe are being beefed up considerably).

In the midst of the chaos of re-keying doors, serving some of the local customers, street folks, and prostitutes, we had a service.

If there was a moment to temporarily forget the needs of others and lay the blame game down now was that time. In the minutes leading up to 11AM it sure felt like that was the way things were going reflect.

But somehow our theme for the morning came together perfectly.

After spending the first half of the gathering time reflecting on the pursuit of mercy and righteousness we watched this clip.


After we had communion. This was particularly fitting because in Christian practice communion is where you re-live and encounter the past, present, and future implications of Christ and the cross.

It’s the moment we enter into the mercy of the world through the mercy of Christ. It’s the launching point to act on a pursuit Christ exemplified–a pursuit of mercy.

On the heels of the break-in, the theme of our service, and the celebration of communion, how could we not be reminded of our own shortfall when it came to mercy? It’s certainly not easy to live out.

But if we’re to trust these words, “blessed are the merciful, for they shall be shown mercy,” then we’re left with one message to the thieves who took immaterial items…..

You forgot the candlesticks.