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Take a look:


The sad part is 95% of churches in Calgary have at least one of the elements in this video, probably more. Not that free coffee is bad, but turning it into a commercial experience is. To compound matters most church attempts to be cool are totally uncool.


Far more emphasis on a combination of participation during the time of gathering (rather than sit and stare), and expectations of lengthy investment in relationships. That would mean new people just don’t show up on their own to consume spiritual products, they’re invited in after some time of hanging out with you or your network. This usually takes a few years BTW.

Of course, this is not a new or groundbreaking concept. It’s just a whole lot easier showing up to a building every Sunday without any expectations under the assumption God somehow bungee jumps into service for that moment in time (which isn’t exactly how it works). Sorta like Starbucks but the whole experience is awkward.