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Just prior to Pentecost we had a Converge morning (what we call our church gatherings) where we discussed the Great Commission together. The Great Commission is found at the very end of the first book in the New Testament called Matthew. (Spoken by Jesus in Matthew 28:16-20)

It’s used as one of the key passages to compel Christians to ‘GO’ out and ‘make disciples’. Some have attributed the passage as a way to legitimize evangelism efforts, which kind of fits. Ultimately I think it has more to do about being active participants in the unfolding dream God has to rescue all of creation rather than ‘drive-by’ evangelical efforts.

The Great Commission is essentially a command to not brow-beat Christianity into people’s minds, but embark on a venture with friends to provide a glimpse of a life centered around Jesus.

How that life unfolds is really up to you. Sometimes we can get overwhelmed by everything we aren’t doing and how much more we should to make God happy. Than can be typical in any Great Commission sermon–the notion that we need to do more in ‘making disciples’.

What if we looked at it in a different way?

Make no mistake, expectations for Kingdom transformations need to exist, but we’re sometimes blind to what those moments are. Rather than thinking of all the things and places we’re not ‘doing’ Great Commission ‘things’ to whatever invisible expectation we think God (or the church) has for us, let’s consider how we can be a glimpse of the unfolding Kingdom in the places we already exist.

This idea changes the notion of ‘Go’ to ‘as you are Going’. Last I checked pretty much everyone I know is already ‘somewhere’ be it work, school, run club, church, friends, etc. We don’t necessarily need MORE. What may be useful is a re-orientation back towards God’s dream–to identify and celebrate the small victories when we glimpse Jesus in the lives of others.

Glimpse as you’re going and be ready to say ‘yes’ when brief moments turn into much more.