Edit: August 1st, edit.

The street will close down for one Sunday this year in August (the 23rd). A committee has in fact been put together called ‘The Bow River Flow’. There will be a few events taking place along the roadway, as well as a bike race passing through. If you’re driving you’ll have to detour into downtown and come out.

It should be an interesting time for folks to get out and have a chance to stroll Kensington, which is not going to be closed down (road ways.)

I’ll head down and check it out since we’re there quite often.


Why Nobody Should Complain About the Decision

Alderman Druh Farrell brought forth an idea to council to close eastbound lanes on Memorial drive from the curling club to 10th street. The idea is to increase Sunday pleasure for strolling Calgarians. The problem, to 90% of Calgarians, is Memorial Drive is a major East-West route–even on Sunday. Furthermore, that particular area already THREE pathways. One for bikes, one for feet, and across the street the sidewalk. Yet we need two lanes of roadway too….

BUT, nobody should complain. Why? 16% of eligible voters turn out for civic elections. Alderman go about their business and we, by our non-action, don’t keep them accountable. So enjoy the August road on Memorial, we get what we vote for :P