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**I want to publicly condemn the particular anti-abortionists that continue to put up grotesque signage at the U of C. At some point and at some level it’s important for church leaders to step up to the plate and have a say. Here’s mine. **

I’ve blogged about the anti-abortionists a few times before. They were back last month at the U of C for their once a semester feeble attempt to horrify people into becoming pro-life. You’ll remember some of them were actually arrested back in November (2008) over their row with university administration.

You have to feel for the U of C students that take part in this propaganda machine. The American Christian-right fuel the morality debate and abortion is at the top of the ‘no-no’ list. The students caught in the cross-fire may be kicked out of school (2010 update) or worst, receive a criminal record. That’s tough when one backs something that’s so ineffective.

I for one welcome the dialogue and even cringe at the censorship especially when it happens in a pro-conversation place like the University campus. But from a pure communication perspective, this is a perfect example of fundamentalist Christians taking things way too far and using completely ineffective methods to get their baffling message across. The signs just don’t work (unless you’re trying to make people very angry).

Let me reiterate: THE MESSAGE IS TOTALLY INEFFECTIVE. Not only that, it has likely permanently hindered any future interaction regular students will have with any Christians in the future.

Have you noticed? The signs are barbaric, the violence rivals premodern times, it propagates a message of hatred, and totally alienates a generation of women that have had an abortion or who know someone who has (which is many more than we’d like to think).

Now before I’m lynched note I’m not condoning abortion. I’ve never met a single person who’s had an abortion and does not bear some form of personal scar. But the last thing I’m going to do is fight to rescind abortion laws or compare women to Hitler.

If that was the Christian message then I suppose I would fight to lobby, but it’s not. Rather the Christian message is one of love, justice, hope, joy, and life. All of that has been lost by a group hoping to terrorize and intimidate women. Sounds very anti-Christian, almost viscous….

I assume the organization, and the U of C students convinced to participate within, will be back next semester.

If they do, I want to ask, “please don’t”. Please don’t for a variety of reasons, many already mentioned here, countless more I can think of.

What about you? Agree or disagree? Add your thoughts to the list below.