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You know the ‘faith in humanity restored’ stories? I have two to share from the past month.

The first was a couple of weeks ago that happened Downtown. An older woman was walking along the sidewalk where one section was sightly higher; she clipped her toe and came tumbling down. There were some folks half a block in front of her that noticed but kept walking to work. A truck stopped at a nearby intersection witnessed the event and quickly parked on the curb. Two people got out and helped the elderly woman back on her way.

The second recent event was even more surprising. Somehow an elderly woman wound up literally walking in the middle of northbound 14st just past the Jubilee auditorium. I noticed her up the road from where I had exited and had to pullover. By the time I pulled over two other cars stopped, one blocking traffic. People sprang into action helping the clearly confused elderly woman. Someone got her into their car and I assume took her to her destination.

We can get caught up in the negative stories of our city. Sometime we lament about our supreme wealth or the sudden economic downturn. But in the mix it’s nice to see that almost immediately, when someone needs it, others spring into action to help.