Last month I had a coffee with someone who’s living incarnationally within her community. During this conversation I was exposed to the underworld of mommy groups.

Without a child of my own, and being male, getting my first insight into the happenings of these groups had me laughing on one hand, and bewildered on the other.

Turns out, many moms groups are largely superficial at best, and exceptionally exclusive at worse.

Is it true these groups are havens to lament about saggy breasts, no sex, and summer dress?

There’s nothing wrong with a good ol ‘stitch and bitch’, but let me turn this on its head and suggest that when we’re trying to create mom communities in our churches we appear to be unconcerned with the personal development.

(Note, no mention of the growing trend of dads sticking at home taking care of the minions.)

I’m curious to know if there are moms wondering if there’s more to the weekly conversations than the latest strollers, cheapest diapers, and sexy swimwear (or not).

Surely it must be hard to feign interest in things that only scratch the surface of a tumultuous existence. As if there’s not enough to cram into one day, now moms are immersed in a popularity contest where scheming ways to get the best deal on the latest junk consumes social time.

Is that the best we can do with our faith?

Rather than innovating ways how our lives and families can be previews of a Kingdom purpose we’re caught in cliquey groups that reflect our, dare I say, innermost (and consumeristic) values.

At the risk of sounding very pastoral let me ask this: are we participants in the rat race of baby consumerism or participants in ushering in the Kingdom of God starting with our family, moving into our community, and propelling beyond?

Then again, maybe getting the latest ‘stuff’ makes you happy, even if it’s only temporarily.

Or maybe I’m don’t understand mommy groups and the talk about clothes, dinner, and diapers is the way to go. Something in me thinks there’s a bit more. The woman I mentioned at the start of this thinks so as well.

Note: Our partner King’s Bridge has a Thursday parents (moms and dads) meeting at The House Coffee Sanctuary where the kids can play and the rents can chat about life beyond diaper genies and yoga pants. Join them at 1030AM.