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There’s a theme in the Gospels–the narratives of Jesus’ life and times–that is utterly counterculture. Did you know when you read who Jesus engaged with, and showed deep love and compassion for, it was always heavily marginalized groups. Conversely, those who received fury and vitriol were the religious elite.

Do you ever wonder if much has changed? In Calgary there exists a strong undercurrent of people including, ironically, many churches, either explicitly or implicitly spreading damaging opinions on homosexuality in the name of doctrinal preservation.

The very people Jesus would invite to his table are the very same not only rejected, but vehemently opposed by churches. Some opt for a less contentious “don’t ask don’t tell” approach, others quietly pass along perspectives and attitudes to emerging generations. Either way, it has to stop.

The solution, in the very least, is to listen.

Join us for A Night About Compassion, as we set aside differences and agendas and instead ask a question:

Could I have more compassion towards the challenges that someone faces, especially from a young age, when they realize they have a same-sex attraction?

Please join us for A Night About Compassion. This event is for high school students and older, and is designed to present a positive discussion about faith, Christianity and the LGBT (lesbian, gay, bi-sexual, transgender) community.

All members of the faith community, regardless of your stance on homosexuality, same-sex marriage, faith and/or celebacy are welcome, as long as you can come with an open heart and mind. A Night About Compassion, seeks to join us on our common ground of love, while still allowing each of us our right to our own opinion.

All members of the LGBT community are welcome, regardless of your position on faith. Your voice is invaluable.

Perhaps when we are all together in a room, respecting one another, and being open to listen, we have made one choice, one step, one action in one moment to change ourselves and our communities.

We hope you will join the dialogue on April 27th, 2012 as we pursue love, hope, and beauty.

For full event details visit A Night About Compassion.