Anti-Blackness is rooted in Canadian identity. It is as old as colonization and is one product of white supremacy that continues to denigrate Black and brown skin across this land. The church is complicit in these evils. Churches and denominations remain racially segregated, dominated by white leadership. For this reason the road to justice will not be easy. Anti-racism work is not easy. It’s work to change the way we think and act by exposing our own sin. It also reveals the corporate sins we readily participate in. All necessary steps towards repentance, a requirement before reconciliation.

Dismantling white supremacy is the duty of the church and that includes discarding old cultural and spiritual formation rooted in systemic racism. Actions that expose and repair anti-Blackness is good work towards building unity. This work is both a spiritual battle and one embodied in flesh and blood. Cypher Church will continue our commitment to chase justice and right the wrongs incurred by anti-Blackness. We feel this evil in our bodies too and believe this is lifelong journey for justice worth pursuing. We choose to embody and see through what Jesus asks us to pray for daily, “Thy Kingdom come on Earth as it is in heaven.”