Here is an update on all the secret gatherings with Calgary Church for the month of December. Let us know if you’re new and coming for the first time.

December 2nd: Converge Worship Evening
Our theme for the evening will be based on the expectations of advent. There will be a variety of self-serve stations for individuals to participate freely and at their own pace. Some may be unfamiliar with this style of worship but we thought it would be a great way to experience all the different themes of advent in one evening.

The evening begins at 6PM with a potluck dinner and wraps up around 7:30. We will meet at the House Coffee Sanctuary on 10th St and Kensington Road (in the basement).

Upon conclusion of the worship evening there are those who migrate over to the Kensington Pub for Musings by the Pint. Essentially this is a time for us to hang out in our second home. Contrary to popular rumors, this is not an evening where a bunch of funny Anglican priests sit around a table and talk about liberal theology. Although sometimes we have an Anglican, or two, it’s merely a chance to unwind on hump day (Wednesday).

December 9th: Small Groups
We will meet at 6PM in the basement of the House for a potluck. After that the three groups will break off into their own groups to discuss different topics.

December 16th: Chili Community Supper
Once a month we cook up a bunch of a chili and invite the community. The catch? No catch. Just free chili. The evening beings at 6PM and those who are connected with Calgary Church are encouraged to bring a pot of chili to share. This is a time for the community to come together and get to know one another. We meet at the Hillhurst Sunnyside Community Center (NOT the West Hillhurst community center down the street).

After, at around 8PM we will again head to the Kensington Pub for our weekly musing over a beverage. Your first beverage is on us if you’re new.

December 23rd: Christmas Eve Eve Special
We will convene at the House Coffee Sanctuary this evening to share a meal (potluck begins at 6PM) and then we’ll have a quick moment to celebrate Christmas. After which we’ll have a more informal Christmas party shindig.

There will be NO ‘Musings by the Pint’ at Kensington Pub on the 23rd.

December 30th: ?

We haven’t thought this far ahead….We still have to finish our Christmas shopping so….

And remember, our partners include:

King’s Bridge
The House Coffee Sanctuary