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Here are some thoughts from someone in our church. What would you add?

A place that sees itself as a place second, and the hands and feet of Jesus first.
A place where the modus operandi is “go and tell”, not “come and see”.
A place where doubts and discussion are welcomed, not squelched.
A place where your value is judged on being a child of God, not who you vote for.
A place that I would want to introduce my non-Christian friends to.
A place that values authenticity and openness over performance and image.
A place that values spiritual growth over numerical growth.
A place where a Christ-follower can be a Christ-follower.

A lot of people are in the “I’m looking for a church,” so the obviously question is: what are you going to do about it?

Take a chance. Be vulnerable, but only with those who are vulnerable with you.