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Calgary Missional Church (CMC), a mostly online community pursuing justice, beauty, & hope.

An affirming and inclusive community.

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Bi-monthly online starting again in the Winter of 2023: Cypher Church.

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Causes of Deconstruction?

Is deconstruction a scary word? Or is it a necessary and normal part of faith. Here's a blog post on the topic.   Deconstruction is so hot right now that white thought leaders are finding ways to monetize it, and fundamentalists are finding ways to malign it. You...

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An Advent Reflection

2000 years of patriarchy have undoubtedly diminished the powerful words of the two women in our readings. Today we will centre one, a voice that comes to us in the form of a song. “Magnificat anima mea Dominum.” It sure sounds better in Latin. Mary’s Song, or the...

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The murders of Ahmaud Arbery, Breonna Taylor, George Floyd, and too many others, has re-ignited mass calls to right the systemic injustice of anti-Black racism. We join the cry that all Black lives matter. Anti-Blackness is real. Systemic racism in Canada is real. And...

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Epiphany: Christmas for Christians

January 6th is Epiphany. Most people don't have any connection to the day because it's not your typical Hallmark event. If you don't follow any liturgical traditions then you've probably overlooked Epiphany. Until the forth century there was no Christmas on the 25th....

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Ask for New

Ask for New

Most nativity scenes come with the usual suspects: baby Jesus, manger, donkey, Joseph, Mary, 3 wise men, a shepherd or too, etc. Most all nativity scenes are probably inaccurate. Among others, we know that the wise men weren't present, they encounter Jesus when he was...

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Advent: Waiting on Hope and Cutting Through the Dark

You're almost there. The Christmas story reaches its climax at the nativity scene, which by design kicks of the climax of an even larger narrative told for the entirety of creation. ...While there is an expectation for the culmination of biblical prophesies and...

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